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GB-1534682-A: Seed-sowing appliance for horticultural or similar purposes patent, GB-1534699-A: Camouflage assembly patent, GB-1534936-A: Method and a device for measuring the sparking efficiency in electrical discharge machining patent, GB-153710-A: Improvements in or relating to hand trucks patent, GB-154054-A: Improvements in, and relating to means for supplying water, air or gas under pressure patent, GB-1540613-A: Dispensing device patent, GB-1542832-A: 1,3-dichloroacetoneoxime derivatives patent, GB-1542910-A: Sequence training apparatus patent, GB-154361-A: An improved fastening for the covers of ships' hatchways, for doors, and for other purposes patent, GB-154427-A: Improvements relating to driving discs for frictional driving gear patent, GB-1545212-A: Insulating tiles patent, GB-154694-A: Improvements in or relating to change speed gear for motor cars and the like patent, GB-1548065-A: Stackable container patent, GB-1548907-A: Cationic azo dyestuffs patent, GB-1549808-A: Castor wheel brake assembly patent, GB-155063-A: Improvements in and relating to water turbines patent, GB-1555371-A: Tab inserter patent, GB-155668-A: Improvements in fluid consumption indicators patent, GB-1557228-A: Circular knitting machines patent, GB-1558181-A: Container for merchandise patent, GB-155948-A: Improvements in or relating to winding engines patent, GB-1559553-A: Apparatus for cutting a pile fabric patent, GB-1560049-A: Others superconductive microelectronic device patent, GB-156025-A: Improved means for removing fibrous materials from the bottoms of digesters used in paper making patent, GB-156197-A: Improved method of and means for knitting pile or fleece lined fabrics patent, GB-1565510-A: Electrical drive arrangement patent, GB-1566139-A: Welding machines patent, GB-156875-A: An improved machine for cutting or paring trousers bottoms and for like purposes patent, GB-1569375-A: Shredding machine patent, GB-1574081-A: Process for purifying exhaust oil patent, GB-1575120-A: Unit charges of propellant powder patent, GB-157636-A: Improvements in or relating to key rings and the like patent, GB-157838-A: Improvements in electrical connections and switches for enabling an electric currentconsuming device to be used on circuits of different voltages patent, GB-1580408-A: Device for the practice and demonstration of motor vehicle steering technique patent, GB-1580699-A: Automotive unit for riding and working on vertical and horizontal surfaces such as walls and ceilings patent, GB-1581175-A: Optical scanning system patent, GB-158139-A: Improvements in or relating to steam condensing plants patent, GB-1582189-A: Contractable drum for the manufacture of tyres patent, GB-1584458-A: Electro magnetic flowmeter nulling system patent, GB-1585198-A: Process for the decomposition of metal silicates patent, GB-1585511-A: Melt processable wholly aromatic polyester and process for its production patent, GB-1590339-A: Waveguide filters patent, GB-1590859-A: Seal assembly patent, GB-1592731-A: Production of an n-substituted urethane patent, GB-1593266-A: Chucks for machine tools patent, GB-159453-A: Improvements relating to valves for controlling the flow of gases patent, GB-1595962-A: Motor vehicle rear-view mirrors patent, GB-1596151-A: Coating compositions patent, GB-1598121-A: Sheet processing apparatus patent, GB-159959-A: Improvements in electromagnetic wave signalling apparatus patent, GB-1602509-A: Heat transfer ink sheet process and printed fabric patent, GB-1602746-A: Closure device for containers patent, GB-160458-A: Improvements in and relating to hat boxes patent, GB-1604759-A: Space module patent, GB-1605072-A: Latching mechanism for a rotary member patent, GB-160633-A: Improved brake for hand trolleys and the like patent, GB-160660-A: Improvements in advertising stands patent, GB-160725-A: Improvements in or relating to workholders for carving machines patent, GB-161206-A: Throttle controlled lubricating oil pump patent, GB-162475-A: Improvements in and connected with elastic wheel tyres and wheels of vehicles patent, GB-163039-A: Improved filter for gaseous media patent, GB-163425-A: Improvements in butter dispensing devices patent, GB-163583-A: An improved ladies' veil retainer patent, GB-163584-A: Improvements in or relating to folding tables and the like patent, GB-163689-A: An improved tractor having four steering driving wheels patent, GB-164271-A: Adjustable propeller patent, GB-164884-A: Electric fluid heating apparatus patent, GB-165052-A: Improvements in the manufacture of filaments or threads, of silica, alumina, and other refractory minerals, and apparatus for use therein patent, GB-165381-A: Improvements in weft supply and placing mechanism for looms for weaving patent, GB-165434-A: Advertising by means of motor vehicles patent, GB-165661-A: An improved device for removing the skin from potatoes, and other comestibles patent, GB-166028-A: patent, GB-166303-A: Improvements in means for absorbing horizontal shocks in road and railway vehicles patent, GB-168154-A: A device for releasing tethered animals patent, GB-168160-A: Improvements in conveyors, screens or like apparatus patent, GB-168209-A: Improved & adjustable reeds for weaving looms or the like patent, GB-168337-A: Improvements in or relating to party-line telephone systems patent, GB-169841-A: Improvements in or relating to umbrella ribs or rib repairers patent, GB-172934-A: Process for the manufacture of a light sheet metal warpable surface patent, GB-173231-A: Improvements relating to metallic shelves patent, GB-173477-A: Suspensory bandage combined with shirt or chemise patent, GB-174113-A: Improvements in water cooling devices for internal combustion engines patent, GB-175753-A: Improvements in or relating to the construction of high tension electric cables patent, GB-176371-A: Improvements in or relating to electro-mechanical driving apparatus for vehicles patent, GB-178278-A: Improvements in or connected with the packing or preservation of margarine patent, GB-179246-A: Improvements in wire rope shears patent, GB-179462-A: Improvements in pneumatic tyre covers patent, GB-179496-A: New or improved means for interpreting stage and like performances to members of the audience, and for the vocal accompaniment of kinematographic exhibitions patent, GB-179568-A: Improvements in electron discharge devices, especially for use in wireless communication patent, GB-180138-A: Improvements relating to the control of electric motors patent, GB-180356-A: Improvements in and relating to hydrophones patent, GB-180369-A: Improvements in plug and socket electric couplings patent, GB-180429-A: Improvements relating to the supply of hot or cold water to lavatories and the like patent, GB-180516-A: Improvements in and relating to clutch and brake mechanism patent, GB-181404-A: Improvements in gas manufacture patent, GB-181498-A: Improvements in means for detachably connecting the parts of timber construction patent, GB-181794-A: Improvements in or connected with apparatus or kilns for the drying and distillationof carbonaceous substances patent, GB-182011-A: Improvements in or in connection with the gathering of glass patent, GB-182427-A: Improvements in actions for typewriting machines patent, GB-182874-A: Improvements in and relating to the tone arms of talking machines patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent,

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